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From websites and video EPK’s to concert production and private label consumable merch, 
we handle many facets of helping artists build, grow and monetize their brands.

Case Study: Myron McKinley

Myron McKinley, of Los Angeles, CA. is a pianist, producer, songwriter, programmer, and film score composer for large box office films and television shows.
Myron is currently the keyboardist and musical director with Earth Wind and Fire.

Helping Myron to establish a solo brand outside of his work with EWF, we created an extensive portfolio of concert videos, interviews, a video EPK, and a unique interactive website that has caught the attention of many music industry notables.  

Together we created and produced a themed concert series called the Myron McKinley Legacy Series, an ongoing concert series of unique music performances, that allows performers to step outside their standard repertoires and really cut loose. Filmed before a live audience, each show is different and is available for both In-Person Attendance and as Livestreamed Virtual Events.

We have also launched two branded coffees, available for sale at shows and online as either one time purchase or ongoing subscriptions.

The Myron McKinley Legacy Coffee is a smooth, rich organic medium roast that reflects Myrons smooth and tasteful compositions and improvisation.
The Myron McKinley Trio Coffee is a bolder roast, perfectlly encapsulating the high energy and punch of the Myron McKinley Trio.

Working together on his latest album release, “Sound Alchemist” we have been involved every step of the way, from social media management and PR to album cover design securing licensing. 

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