Monetizing your brand with strategic sponsorship opportunities.

Our core mission for music artists is to develop reliable revenue streams that go beyond traditional record sales and touring.



A key facet of our mission is matching artists with corporate sponsors and doing this in a way that maintains authenticity for both parties and creates long-lasting relationships. Music has always had a unique ability to define and move cultural trends and as such, has often been a desired vehicle for corporate advertisers. With the rise of social media, influencer marketing has come to the foreground and although this approach has its place, in our estimation these brand/influencer relationships tend to be shallow, short-lived, unpredictable and lend themselves to only a narrow  range of markets (fashion, beauty, lifestyle , etc.)

Rather than simply plugging in brand influencers we strive to create “brand ambassadors” – artists whose authenticity and voice lend a measure of cultural relevance to their sponsorship partners. We work to develop unique and robust co-branding opportunities which go beyond social media shout-outs. These can include creative and authentic content marketing assets, sponsored concert series or music festivals and signature product lines.