Comprehensive marketing strategies designed to establish and grow a dedicated and engaged fanbase.

Our approach to marketing encompasses two main elements:
Brand Establishment and Brand Management


Brand Establishment

For artists who do not yet have a well-defined brand or a solid fanbase, we work on establishing a brand from the ground up. Our approach is always to use the artist’s core values, personality and artistic aesthetic as the seeds from which to cultivate their greater public image. To us, an artist’s BRAND is simply that aspect of their personality that comes accross in the purest form through their art.

It is our job to translate that intangible quality into something that connects with an audience. This may involve creating original content, concert and video production, developing an impressive electreonic press kit, building a modern and stylish website and of course – steadily growing a following through social media and email campaigns.

Content creation is about maintaining a stream of interesting and engaging media pieces focused on how people perceive you. The content may include video, live performances, interviews, photos and personalized posts. It’s all about highlighting the strengths and individuality of the artist, whether that be musical virtuosity, stage presence, a stylish lifestyle, an edgy attitude, sense of humor, sexy or romantic vibe and anything that gives a glimpse into their personality.

Electronic Press Kits (EPK) are crucial for introductions to concert promoters and the press. In addition to a professional and well designed EPK document, we strongly encourage artists to produce a video EPK, showcasing their personaity, stage and camera presence in the form of performance clips or music video clips, and any other rich media content aimed at making a great first impression.

This is where we often see artists miss an absolutely crucial component of a sound marketing strategy. There is a misconception that a Facebook page or an Instagram account can replace a traditional website but that is not the case. While social media is certainly a very powerful tool and one that we use extensively, it has one major limitation – it gives you very little control over branding, audience targeting, analytics and monetization.

Using demographic and psychographic targeting, we help to identify and reach audiences who are likely to resonate with a particular genre, artform, style or cultural dynamic. Equal parts art and science, this process involves making some reasonable assumptions about the kind of fanbase an artist is likely to speak to and continuously monitoring analytics to assess real-world data. Concrete examples would include posting to specific Facebook groups, email campaigns to interest-based subscriber lists, radio promotions on genre-centric stations, press releases to relevant outlets of choice and placement within music festivals or alongside similar artists.


Once a defined brand presence is established, Brand Management involves continually keeping that presence visible to relevant audiences and growing fanbase size and engagement.

The same process used to establish the brand is used on an ongoing basis, creating rich media pieces that keep the audience interested, engaged and paying attention. These include videos, livestream concerts, animated graphics, audio interviews, performance clips, behind-the-scenes vignettes, etc.

Our approach to social media is twofold. One approach involves steady, organic follower growth and the other is focused on generating buzz for a specific event (concert, album release, etc.) through saturation.

1. Follower growth involves regular (but not incessant) posts which give a glimpse of the artist’s life outside the limelight. These may be snapshots from daily routines, moments of inspiration, behind-the-scenes of the creative process, etc. Actually replying to comments and engaging the users is importnat. The idea is to give the followers a sense of intimacy and special access.

2. Promotional social media campaigns are activated when a specific event such as an upcoming show, tour, or record release needs to be widely advertised. This is done with a short-term, high frequency posting schedules aimed at saturating feeds and triggering the algorhithms into perceiving that something big is happening and showing the content to more users.

Both approaches target groups based on interests, demographics and geolocation and both may involve paid boosts to reach a wider audience.

Email Marketing is highly effective because it can be much more precisely targeted and marketing efforts typically fall on more fertile ground. Email collection is typically done when people are already somewhat interested in the artist or their material. They may have voluntarily subscribed to a newsletter to stay in the loop, or provided their email attending a previous concert, wathcing a livestream or buying merchendise.

If social media is good at reaching wide swathts of potetial audiences, email marketing is powerful in its ability to distill those audiences to a sampling of the most dedicated fans.

One way we grow these subscriber bases is by filming concert performances and re-releasing them at a later date as a livestream concert which viewers can watch for free by providing their email address.

We work with PR agents to create buzz in the press community during high profile promotion campaigns such as album releases, noteworthy events or product/merchandise launches.

We work to develop, promote and produce concert series that go beyond the typical one-off shows or cookie-cutter tours. These are serialized concerts that marry musical performances with different thematic elements, often featuring special guests and rare collaborations. This transforms an ordinary performance into a one-of-a-kind experience that leaves an indelible impression.

A key element in our brand building strategy is to align an artist’s brand with consumable products that can provide a steady revenue stream complementary to, but independent of, music sales and ticket sales. Products like artist branded coffees, teas, wines, and craft beers can be purchased again and again, either as one-time purchases or recurring subscriptions.

Electronic Press Kit

Standard EPK (PDF / Power Point)

Social Media Management

Plans starting at
$495/mo (annual and quarterly billing discounts available)

Video Production

Video EPK:
($500/mo for 4 months payment plan available when bundled with a Social Media Package)

– Filming and Editing Included
– 2 week expedited edit delivery with 50% deposit
– 6 week regular edit delivery with monthly plan

Concerts / Music Video: Contact Us for pricing

Web Design

7 Page Site:
$1,500 ($250/mo for 6 months)
E-Commerce Site:
$2,500 ($450/mo for 6 months)

– 1 month delivery with 50% deposit
– 3 month delivery with monthly plan

First 6 months hosting FREE 
$25/mo after, including basic maintenance (updates etc.)
Additional web work or support hourly at $40/hr